The Protestant Reformation, Part Two


In this second installment of my series on the Reformation, we explore the theological foundations behind the hyper-religious system Luther and the other Reformers wrestled with. This system makes God’s salvation conditional upon the keeping of sacraments, doing penance, and obtaining “merit” from the mythical “treasury of merit” and “indulgences” that the popes dole out for a price to people to offset their sins.

Luther’s 95 Thesis’ posted on the Wittenberg Castle Church door attacked this unscriptural belief and sparked a theological revolution.

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      The Reformation Part 2 - Dr. Bruce R. Porter

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Bruce Porter

I am a writer, speaker, documentarian, para-med insurance examiner, and disaster responder. Over the years I've pulled duty as a Firefighter, Chaplain, Civil Air Patrol Officer, and responder to such disasters as Columbine HS, and other school shootings worldwide, including Beslan, Russia, Sri Lanka after the tsunami, Ground Zero after 9-11 in NYC, Israel during three wars, and as a counselor and a search & rescue worker. I love to study theology, history, and astronomy, I received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Promise Christian University.